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Outdoor Education in Vancouver BC, with Drew Climie

Advanced SUP Skills

Paddle Canada

Advanced SUP Skills

Whether you are looking to get started in Stand Up Paddling or wanting to increase your skills and confidence, the Paddle Canada Skills course offer something for you. Taking Paddle Canada Skills courses is also the best way to prepare yourself to become a Certified SUP Instructor.

When you take a Paddle Canada Course from a certified Instructor you will learn a standardized set of skills that will improve your technique and confidence.

What You Will Learn

We start with a review of the Basic Skills to ensure we have a solid base to build on. We spend the majority of the day on learning the Advanced Skills, practicing them using fun drills and games.

A greater emphasis is placed on building power in the forward stroke, more efficient and advanced turns, and paddling in challenging conditions. You will gain greater comfort maneuvering the board as well as moving around on it.

Basic Flatwater SUP Skills

Safety Skills

  • Falling off safely

  • Remounting the board

  • Use of a leash

  • Understanding weather and paddling conditions

Paddling Skills

  • Lifting and carrying a board

  • Choosing and holding a paddle

  • Mounting a board at a beach or dock

  • Prone paddling

  • Paddling while kneeling

  • Standing up

  • Paddling in a straight line

  • Forward stroke

  • Braking stroke

  • Sweep strokes

Advanced Flatwater SUP Skills

Safety Skills

  • Understanding Wind and Waves

  • Towing

Paddling Skills

  • Launching into waves

  • Paddling in waves

  • Foot positions

  • Pivot turns

  • Efficient forward stroke

  • Draw strokes

  • Cross draw

  • Bracing

  • Paddling in wind

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