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Outdoor Education in Vancouver BC, with Drew Climie

Day Tripping Skills

Paddle Canada SUP Touring Level 1 with Drew Climie

Paddle Canada

Touring 1 SUP Skills

This course will introduce you to paddle boarding day-tripping in a coastal environment. The emphasis is on planning, navigation and safety skills. The course expands on paddling skills introduced in the Advanced Flatwater course and applies them to a more dynamic coastal environment.

Paddle Canada SUP Touring 1 certification available.

Program Details

Dates: Coming soon

Duration: 6-8 hours

Prerequisites: Advanced Flatwater SUP Skills course, or equivalent skills and knowledge. Paddlers need time and practice to sufficiently develop the skills learned in the prerequisite course before registering in this course.

What You Will Learn

This course will introduce you to paddling and navigating in a coastal environment. The emphasis is on knowledge, navigation and safety skills. A greater emphasis is placed on building power in the forward stroke and paddling in challenging wind and wave conditions. You will gain greater confidence while maneuvering a loaded board in varying conditions.

Safety Skills

  • Safety equipment

  • Group paddling dynamics

  • Communication

  • Basic rescues & towing

  • Paddling Skills

  • Stroke efficiency for longer distances

  • Launching

  • Paddling in wavy conditions

  • Paddling in wind

  • Paddling a loaded board

  • Heading Knowledge

  • Decision making models & route planning

  • Basic weather forecasting

  • Navigation

  • Exposed vs. sheltered shoreline

  • Touring specific equipment

  • Tides and currents

  • Heritage

  • What to Bring

  • Wear clothing suitable for the weather conditions and water activity (layers are a good idea; avoid cotton, as it absorbs and retains water like a sponge keeping you wet and cold)

  • Wearing insulated footwear, like neoprene boots, is recommended during the cold season

  • Bring a towel, change of clothes (just in case)

  • Use a strap for your prescription glasses or sunglasses (we have straps available for rent or purchase)

  • Leave your electronic keys, phone, etc. on shore or place in a dry bag (rental dry bags are available for an additional fee)

  • Drysuits, boots & gloves can be added to your course booking (additional fee applies)